Ramzan is 26 years old and has been in the United States since December 2017. He is homesick, but is doing his best to thrive in his new culture. More timid than his younger brother, Shakur, Ramzan seems to be the practical one in the family - though no less intelligent.

Growing up poor, their family did not have many opportunities. One of Ramzan's greatest privileges was having a car to drive, though not his dream car - a hot red Ferrari. He left school very early on because his family did not have money, and took on work as a welder to help support his loved ones.

Ramzan's greatest desire is to make is mother happy, and to help his younger brother succeed in life. While we're making wishes here, Ramzan wouldn't mind a nice Muslim girl to settle down with.

Ramzan is stateless. He was born in Malaysia, but because his parents were Rohingya from Myanmar, he is not a citizen there or anywhere else. His father died when he was 18 years old, which forced him to step up in his family. His younger brother, Shakur, was also a part of this project.