Pu Meh

Pu Meh is an eloquent 22-year-old who came to the United States at the age of 14 with her family. Though she is of Karenni descent from Myanmar, she was born in Thailand because her family had to flee. Her parents brought her here knowing that life would be a struggle for them, but wanted to provide the best opportunities for their children.

Pu Meh cries as she speaks of the selflessness of her parents: how they've worked so hard just to learn how to write their own names, and how they did everything they could to make it to every award ceremony and sporting event she had growing up (both of which were numerous). She is, herself, quite the impressive young lady.

Married last year, her husband works as a baker to support their little family of three. Her baby was born in December of 2017, but Pu Meh is an overachiever and is already looking for ways to further her education and move her family up in the world. She is often asked to speak for events, telling her story well despite the fact that English is her third language.

This young lady is full of dreams. She is very much in tune with everyone around her, and is quick to jump in and help with anything that is needed. She thinks of herself last, and has a magnetic, easygoing personality that draws others to her. She longs for community outside of her greater Karenni family, but is a pillar of the group she is in. Anything she decides to do in life, she will surely achieve.