Palyah Meh

Palyah Meh is a 30-year-old mother of three originally coming from Myanmar in the Kayah state. She spent her childhood fleeing from Burmese soldiers in the forest before moving to a refugee camp in Thailand at the age of six. There, she lived with her parents and five siblings, living without electricity or formal education. The UNHCR helped her family to resettle in the United States in 2010 - first in Idaho Falls, ID, then to Greeley for more job opportunities.

While she loves it here, she misses her friends in Thailand. Her husband's parents are still in Myanmar, and they hope to have an opportunity to go back and visit them at some point. She misses the weather there, but wouldn't trade the opportunity she has here for anything.

Palyah Meh loves the snow, believes in the kindness of American people, and enjoys her freedom here. She enjoys cooking with her family and taking her three children to the library. Her son loves dinosaurs and wants to be a scientist - a passion that she encourages. Her goal is to earn her GED and continue working on her English, which her son loves to help her with. Right now, she is working to get her US citizenship.